Have your say to help save Ōtāhuhu Mt Richmond’s trees

By way of background, Tūpuna Maunga Authority wants to rid Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s volcanic cones (maunga) of all exotic trees – including all of Ōtāhuhu Mt Richmond’s 443 ones. That’s 75% of its entire tree cover!

Legal action was taken to stop the Authority doing this to Ōwairaka Mt Albert’s trees. The Court found Tūpuna Maunga Authority acted unlawfully by not consulting with anybody (even its own members) about the tree felling decision, and Auckland Council acted unlawfully by issuing a non-notified resource consent to fell those trees.

Although that decision was an important win, it leaves the door open for Tūpuna Maunga Authority to fell exotic and some native trees on any maunga provided they consult with the public first.

Why it is very important to make a submission in support of keeping the maunga trees

There are two reasons why it is important you make a submission to this consultation:

1. If you don’t have your say, then your view won’t be heard. The trees don’t have voices so are relying on as many people as possible to speak in their favour.

2. Also, any tree felling resource consents would take account of submissions about how removing so many trees will affect people personally.

Here’s how to make a submission – it need only take 5 minutes!

The deadline is 5 pm, Saturday 8 October 2022.

The fastest and easiest way to make a submission is to visit this web page.

Alternatively, all you need to do is send an email to: MaungaAuthority@aklc.govt.nz stating that you don’t want any trees to be cut down on any of the maunga / volcanic cones, and then briefly explain why. That’s all it takes!

If you would like to make a more detailed submission, or want more information, then take a look at this page at this page on our sister organisation’s website.

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